Avada Website Builder 7.0版已上线! 这项重大更新是Avada演进和增长的一个重要里程碑,Avada现在包括一个一流的Header Builder。 同时,还有新的设计元素,重要的样式和布局功能以及网站构建器创新。

Avada Website Builder是市场上排名第一的WordPress主题销售,已经连续7年以上。 600,000多名初学者,专业人士,代理商,企业和创意者信任Avada完全的设计自由。


Avada灵活的高级选项网络通过Avada拖放可视编辑器,页眉构建器,布局构建器和页脚构建器而变得栩栩如生。总之,Avada Website Builder是您工作流程的终极Web设计工具包。知道您可以为网站项目设计和创建无限的设计和布局,因此可以快速高效地工作。



Version 7.0.2 – August 12th, 2020

– NEW: A professionally designed prebuilt website using the HubSpot live chat
– NEW: Added Lottie Animation element to Avada Builder
– NEW: Added Telephone to the social media icons (available as of Avada 7.0.1)
– NEW: Added WPML translation management compatibility for Blog, Portfolio and FAQ element categories
– NEW: Added Portfolio Skills to the Meta element
– NEW: Compatibility with WordPress 5.5
– IMPROVEMENT: Changed Megamenu positioning in Menu element based on nearest fusion-row parent for better results
– IMPROVEMENT: Updated several option descriptions and dependencies for better usability
– UPDATED: Font Awesome now is on version 5.14 offering 1598 icons
– UPDATED: Removed some JS libraries that are no longer supported
– UPDATED: Exit to dashboard link in Avada Live editor now pointing to the Avada dashboard
– FIXED: Vimeo background videos not playing on mobile in Avada Slider
– FIXED: Global element translation not working correctly using WPML
– FIXED: Product registration sometimes not working correctly when more tham 100 products have been bought
– FIXED: Social icons styling in header/footer being incorrect if social links element is disabled
– FIXED: Live search results being below menu content in legacy header v4
– FIXED: Header / Footer Layout Sections not working with Events Manager plugin
– FIXED: Category dynamic data not working on Portfolio pages
– FIXED: WeChat and WhatsApp link prefixes not being correct in the Social Links widget
– FIXED: JS error in sidebar script when Avada Builder is not active
– FIXED: Dropcap element Global Options color not working correctly
– FIXED: Avada Slider WP adminbar menu item showing even if slider is disabled in Global Options
– FIXED: Required plugins names not reflecting new names correctly in the update nag
– FIXED: Full width Section Separators being overflowing when using boxed layout
– FIXED: Only first featured image being shown when using dynamic data in Gallery element
– FIXED: Highlight border in Tabs element not working correctly in classic layout
– FIXED: Custom 404 page layout not working correctly when non-existing categories and tags are queried
– FIXED: Sticky footer causing page scrolling issues when elements with dynamically loaded content are used
– FIXED: Default widget title being displayed in Avada Builder on re-edit, if title was saved empty
– FIXED: Alt tag option not working in the Image element
– FIXED: Search for CPTs not working in Search element
– FIXED: Tags not displaying in the Meta element for portfolio posts
– FIXED: Avada Slider responsive typography not working when the sensitivity is set to 0 in Global Options
– FIXED: Menu element sub-menu hovers and some hover styles not working in IE11
– FIXED: Section Separators having incorrect height in IE11
– FIXED: Logo as dynamic data not showing correctly in Image element in IE11
– FIXED: Paddings on Column elements being applied on all sided on newly created columns, even if only set on top/bottom
– FIXED: Menu element in mobile mode not collapsing when clicking on an anchor link for the same page
– FIXED: Menu element styles being wrong when styles are generally loaded in footer
– FIXED: Megamenu as sub-menu of Flyoutmenu link span being off when using Menu element
– FIXED: Icon element styles being wrong when used inside a widget area in the Menu element
– FIXED: Menu element drop-down hover color being wrong when dragging mouse outside after link was clicked
– FIXED: Compatibility issue of the DW Question Answer plugin with the Avada Layout Builder
– FIXED: General carousel styles not being loaded for WooCommerce carousels, if Image Carousel element is disabled
– FIXED: Megamenu max-width setting not auto refreshing in Avada Live editor
– FIXED: Column elements can’t be moved in Avada Live editor, after Container element column spacing was changed
– FIXED: Column padding drag being incorrect in Nested Columns element in Avada Live editor
– FIXED: Column element border-radius not showing correctly in Avada Live editor
– FIXED: Google font family request being invalid when Avada Live editor is disabled through filter
– FIXED: Video backgrounds i Avada SLider not correctly loading in Avada Live editor